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Homeopathic Preparations, Herbal Tinctures, Radionics, and Astrological Clearing for Holistic Health

Aquarian Age Apothecary is dedicated to providing energetic therapies designed to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, we offer an especially robust range of esoteric healing products, including homeopathic preparations, herbal spagyric tinctures, radionics – scalar wave energy sessions, and more.

Equally important, our offerings are carefully curated to cater to the unique needs of our customers while promoting harmony, balance, and well-being. By exploring our online store, you can discover the many items we have available and than begin your journey towards wholeness and wellness with us.

Revitalize Your Body, Mind, and Spirit with Aquarian Age Apothecary’s Holistic Products

Send the Gift of Joy to someone you know.

Our Joy Spray is a unique formula that contains over 100 unique Joy affirmations. These are encoded into distilled rainwater using our advanced scalar energy technology. Additionally, it includes commands to “Replace Sorrow with Joy” and “Replace Fear with Courage”. Our Joy spray includes essences of Lemon Balm, Red Rose, and Oil of Gold.

Homeopathic Spray
Trauma Relief

Energetic Therapy
Clear Physical & Emotional Trauma

Homeopathic Spray

Energetic Therapy
For Creating Joy

Homeopathic Spray
Detox Relief

Detox Relief Spray

Energetic Therapy For
Heavy Metals & Petroleum Detox

Homeopathic Spray
Teeth & Gum Health

Teeth & Gums

Homeopathic Spray
Miasm Relief

Energetic Therapy
For Clearing Bloodlines

Homeopathic Spray
5G EMF Radiation Relief

For 5G, EMF, and
Radiation Relief

In addition to our Homeopathic Sprays Aquarian Age Apothecary also offers Radionics Scalar Energy Sessions, Spagyric Tinctures and also Astrological Natal Chart Clearing

Scalar Energy Sessions

Scalar Energy Waves

Energetic Therapy
Unlock Your Body’s Healing Potential

Spagyric Tinctures
Herbal Alchemy

Esoteric Healing - Apothecary - Spagyrics - Tinctures

Where Alchemy Meets
Herbal Medicine

Natal Chart Clearing

Esoteric Healing Astrological Natal Chart Clearing

Align with your Higher Purpose
Find Focus and Clarity

In additional to our Radionics – Scalar Wave Energy Sessions and our Astrological Obstacle Clearing, Aquarian Age Apothecary offers homeopathic sprays and spagyric tinctures. Furthermore, our goal is to use naturally resourced and organic products whenever possible.
Accordingly two of our main herbal suppliers include Mountain Rose Herbs and Starwest Botanicals
In addition, Aquarian Age Apothecary supports sustainable and ethical sourcing practices in order to protect the environment and for the well-being of the communities that produce these products.

Please note that our spagyric tinctures, homeopathic sprays, radionics sessions, and also our astrological services are for research purposes only. Furthermore these services have not been evaluated by the FDA or other regulatory bodies. Accordingly this information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Furthermore, consult your healthcare provider, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition. To emphasize, please keep out of reach of children.